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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: ALS and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

"I was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS in Dec. 2005. My speech was leaving me and had become impossible to understand. I have a feeding tube now and am gaining weight-yippee!
A year ago I started hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Dr. Saft. I have not had the tiredness that most ALS patients seem to deal with. I am playing golf,doing yoga and pilates and jog/walking 5k races. I volunteer for Hospice, Lifehouse and am a National official for USA Track and Field covering the meets at Cal and Stanford and the NCAA Nationals.  I credit this to my oxygen treatments- I started at 5 times a week and now take it 4 times a week…It is enjoyable for me as I can meditate,  read or sleep in the chamber. I am happy doing this.  It only helps me.!!

Lorri C.

"Peace and Health"

ALS has no cure. That being said, the common denominator amongst sufferers of ALS that have been treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, seems to be that like Lorri, they have more energy, slower or postponed progress of their disease, and they feel happy they have found something that seems to actually help in a noticable way.